General Questions

What is the role of the Panama Financial Crypto Commission?


How do I incorporate an IBC?


What are the types of licences issued under the ICSP Act?

Insurance Sector

For a general insurance plus a long term insurance licence, what should be the minimum paid up capital?

Gambling Sector

Which sectors of the gambling industry does the PFCC supervise?

Capital Markets and Collective Investment Schemes Sector

Does the PFCC issue spot forex?

International Trade Zone

What is an International Trade Zone?

Capital Markets and Collective Investment Schemes Sector

What is Hire Purchase and Credit Sales?

Listed Companies / Exemptions of listed companies

Who are exempted from the Beneficial Ownership Act 2020?


A trust which has been registered overseas is the only shareholder of a legal person listed under section 2 (1) (a) of the Act. The law which governs the overseas trust does not require for one of the parties listed under BO Regulation 3(6) to be considered as a beneficial owner of the trust. Who are considered as the beneficial owner(s) of the legal entity?


Can the name of a body corporate, serving as a nominee, be inserted on the ROBO or the Declaration of Beneficial Owners?

Determination of beneficial owners

Who are the beneficial owners of a shelf company?

Foundations and beneficial owners

The object of a Foundation includes a class of persons where the latter is yet to be identified. Whose information must be included in the ROBO?

Nationality of beneficial owners

What is to be considered as the nationality of a beneficial owner?